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2020 NDAFP Family Physician of the Year - Dr. Candelaria Martin Arndt

1/04/21 (Mon)


2020 NDAFP Family Physician of the Year – Candelaria Martin Arndt, MD


Dr. Candelaria Martin Arndt of Devils Lake, ND was selected as the 2020 North Dakota Academy of Family Medicine Family Physician of the Year. This recognition is given once a year to a physician in North Dakota who shows pride in practicing family medicine.


It makes me feel honored that I was selected,” said Dr. Martin. “There are so many excellent family physicians in this state.”


Dr. Martin Arndt was recognized with a ceremony honoring this outstanding accomplishment late last month.


As stated by the individual that nominated her, “She is unbelievably dedicated to the ideals of family medicine, providing full spectrum care, including high risk OB, c-sections, end of life care, chronic disease management, preventative health, home visits, virtual visits, neonatal resuscitation, ortho, trauma, and pretty much anything else you can think of. She cares for the whole family, and knows their medical and social history, many times better than they do.”


Dr. Martin Arndt most enjoys getting to know her patients in the Devils Lake area and helping them with medical and mental health.


“I incorporate lifestyle and social factors into developing the treatment plan,” Dr. Martin Arndt said.


Dr. Martin Arndt also practices obstetrics, focusing on maternal and child health. She provides contraception management including intrauterine devices and subdermal implant. The graduate of the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences performs numerous procedures, including colposcopy, skin lesion removal, cesarean section, dilation and curettage, newborn circumcision, and other general family practice procedures.


Her specialty, Family Practice, is what motivates her each day.


“Every day is different,” Dr. Martin Arndt said. “In Family Medicine you never know what you are going to see and the variety keeps things interesting.”