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Friend of Family Medicine Award

 This award is given once a year to an individual who has contributed to Family Medicine in a special way. 


 The recipient of this award is an individual who has achieved one or more of the following criteria:

  • Worked diligently for the NDAFP to further the ideals of family medicine
  • Made a significant contribution to the NDAFP, its members and their patients
  • Been an outstanding teacher of Family Medicine in either academic or a clinic setting
  • NDAFP Members as well as non-members and non-physicians are eligible for this award

Please submit your nomination letter to Brandy Jo Frei at the NDAFP Office. 

Past Award Recipients

2019 Rhonda Schafer-McLean, M.D.
2018 Kamille Sherman, M.D.
2017 Mona Shilling
2016 Robert Wells, M.D.
2015 Julie Rickert PsyD
2014 Patrick Moore, M.D.
2013 Roger Schauer, M.D.
2012 Bob Martinson
2011 David Billings, M.D.
2010 Jean Rebenitsch
2009 Tom Cariveau, M.D.