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Family Physician of the Year

Award Criteria

The award is given once a year to a physician in North Dakota who shows pride in practicing family medicine at the NDAFP Annual Meeting.

The criteria include:

  • being a member of the NDAFP and AAFP
  • a compassionate family physician
  • in good standing in the medical community
  • involved in community activities
  • dedicated to the ideals of Family Medicine; and
  • a role model for the residents, medical students, and young physicians in the state.

Please send your letter of nomination to Brandy Jo Frei at the NDAFP office.  

Past Award Recipients

2023 Heidi Philpot, M.D. Grand Forks
2022 Matthew Viscito, M.D. Grand Forks
2021 Joel Walz, M.D. Grand Forks
2020 Candelaria Martin Arndt, M.D. Devils Lake
2019 Jacinta Klindworth, M.D. Beulah
2018 David Field, M.D. Bismarck
2017 Greg Greek, M.D. Grand Forks
2016 Jeffrey Hostetter, M.D. Bismarck
2015 Aaron Garman, M.D. Beulah
2014 Kimberly Krohn, M.D., MPH Minot
2013 Kwanza Devlin, M.D. Minot
2012 Larry Johnson, M.D. Jamestown
2011 Paul Olson, M.D. Minot
2010 Bill Mayo, M.D. Wahpeton
2009 Richard Vetter, M.D. Fargo
2008 Chuck Breen, M.D. Hillsboro
2007 Heidi M. Bittner, M.D. Devils Lake
2006 Dale A. Klein, M.D. Mandan
2005 Douglas L. Greves, M.D. Devils Lake
2004 Larry O. Halvorson, M.D. Grand Forks
2003 Thomas E. Jacobson, M.D. Hettinger
2002 Charles Nyhus, M.D. Harvey
2001 Rup K. Nagala, M.D. Oakes
2000 Patrick F. Moore, M.D. Grand Forks
1999 Richard S. Larson, M.D. Velva
1998 William S. Mann, M.D. Grand Forks
1997 M. Jerome Olson, M.D. Williston
1996 Raman A. Patel, M.D. Tioga
1995 Russell W. Petty, M.D. Devils Lake
1994 David A. Rinn, M.D. Minot
1993 Dale C. Moquist, M.D. Grand Forks
1992 Robert L. Geston, M.D. West Fargo
1991 Lawrence Wilder, M.D. Williston
1990 Roger Schauer, M.D. Hettinger
1989 Daniel Goodwin, M.D. Grand Forks
1988 Clayton Jensen, M.D. Valley City
1987 Donald Breen, M.D. Hillsboro
1986 Gerald Sailer, M.D. Hettinger
1985 Robert Hankins, M.D. Minot
1984 Dean Strinden, M.D. Williston
1983 M.A.K. Lommen, M.D.  
1982 William M. Buckingham, M.D. Bismarck
1981 Robert DeLano, M.D. Northwood