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2016 NDAFP Annual Meeting

12/01/16 (Thu)

The North Dakota Academy of Family Physicians held their 60th Annual Meeting in Grand Forks, ND November 11-12, 2016. 


                The following officers were elected into these positions:

                        President -                   Kamille Sherman, M.D., Dickinson               

                        President-Elect            Aaron Garman, M.D., Beulah            

                        Chairman–                   Hayley Svedjan Walz, M.D., Grand Forks    

                Board of Directors are:

                        Mandy Sorlie, M.D., Jamestown

                        Joel Walz, M.D., Grand Forks

                        Jacinta Klindworth, M.D., Beulah

                        Bradley Braunagel, M.D., Fargo

                        Gwen Halaas, M.D., Grand Forks

                        David Schmitz, M.D., Grand Forks


In addition, the North Dakota Academy of Family Physicians Foundation held their annual meeting at the same time.  The following physicians are serving in the following offices:

        President – Kimberly Krohn, M.D., Minot

        Vice President – Charles Breen, M.D., Hillsboro

                Also serving of the Board of Directors are:

                        David Field, M.D., Bismarck

                        Richard Vetter, M.D., Fargo

                        Guy Tangedahl, M.D., Bismarck

                        Heidi Philpot, M.D., Grand Forks

                        Heidi Bittner, M.D., Devils Lake

                        Barbara Sheets-Olson, M.D., Lisbon

                        Hayley Svedjan, M.D., Grand Forks


The following awards were presented at the Annual Meeting as well. 


Friend of Family Medicine Award – Robert Wells, M.D.


The ND Friend of Family Medicine award is given to someone who supports and furthers the ideals of family medicine in our state. Bob Wells has been a family physician for 15+ years? He has served on the Board of Directors for our Academy and has been a delegate for our National Academy. Bob is one of the kindest men that I know. He loves to include everyone and always wants the best for all. He practiced at the highest level of family medicine and has mentored his peers and students. This dedication to his profession meant that, at times, family events took a back seat. Bob and his family chose the path of “if you can’t beat them join them.” The Wells family has been active in the ND Academy for over 15 years. They have become friends to many of us in this room. They always make you feel welcome and “one of the family”. Thus, I would request that this year the Friend of Family Medicine for the state of ND be given to: Robert “Bob” Wells, MD.



North Dakota Family Physician of the Year – Jeffrey Hostetter, MD


The word doctor comes from the Greek “docer” which means to teach. Galen, Hippocrates…historically great teachers of medicine. Now the torch has passed on to another great teacher of medicine. Dr. Jeff Hostetter.

Jeff has worked at the UND Family Practice Center in Bismarck for the over 10 years. He has served as the program director for 5 years. He has trained a multitude of residents and students. He serves on numerous boards and committees. He serves the ND Academy as its treasurer. He serves the National Academy as a ND delegate and is on a National AAFP Commission.


Jeff brings his intelligence, compassion, and hard work to each of these committees and to his patient care. Jeff embodies all of the qualities that a family physician needs to not just perform his duties but to excel at them. Jeff wants all of his residents to become the best family physicians that they can be. I believe that those residents are very lucky to have a Jeff as a role model to learn how to become a family physician. To Dr. Hostetter, medicine is more than a job it truly is a calling.


I would also like to commend his wife, Kim, and children for their support. As this allows Jeff to continue to care for his patients, to help develop the future of family medicine in our state and nation and even to play fantasy football.


Thus, I submit that this years ND Family Physician of the Year should be Dr. Jeff Hostetter.



Should you have any questions concerning this information, please contact Brandy Jo Frei, Executive Director 701-772-1730,