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William Buckingham Outstanding Resident Award

Year Name Residency Med School Practice
2022-2023 Andrew Dockter Bismarck UND SMHS Mandan
2021-2022 Daniel Hoy Grand Forks UND SMHS Fargo
2020-2021 Nicole Careen Bismarck Dutch Caribbean Newfoundland
2019-2020 Erika Stein Grand Forks UND SMHS Northwood
2018-2019 Josy Hoff Bismarck UND SMHS Rugby
2017-2018 Travis Waswick Grand Forks UND SMHS Mayville
2016-2017 Brittany Snustad Bismarck UND SMHS Bismarck
2015-2016 Michelle Placke Grand Forks UND SMHS Beulah
2014-2015 Tyrel Somers Bismarck University of Kansas School of Medicine Kansas
2013-2014 Ryan Siewert Bismarck UND SMHS Williston
2012-2013 Guarav Bansode Minot Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Minot
2011-2012 Gilbert Falcon Minot UND SMHS Belcourt
2010-2011 Jane Ostlie Grand Forks UND SMHS Mayville
2009-2010 Georges El Hoyek Minot Lebanese University School of Medicine Reno, Nevada
2008-2009 Chinyere Njoku, M.D. Minot SABA University in the Netherlands Antilles Saskatchewan, Regina
2007-2008 Tomasz Jarzembowski Grand Forks Akademia Medyczna Poznan Pleasant Prairie, WI
2006-2007 Candelaria Martin Minot UND SMHS Grand Forks
2005-2006 Heidi Philpot Grand Forks UND SMHS Grand Forks
2004-2005 Todd Schaffer Grand Forks UND SMHS Carrington
2003-2004 Scott Knutson Minot Sanford School of Medicine Minot
2002-2003 Jeff Hostetter Bismarck University of Washington Bismarck
2001-2002 Ann Gwinup Grand Forks University of Texas-San Antonio Niceville, FL
2000-2001 Robert Wells Bismarck Dartmouth Medical School Jamestown
1999-2000 Kristi Midgarden Grand Forks UND SMHS Grand Forks
1998-1999 Kimberly Krohn Minot UND SMHS Minot
1997-1998 Biron Baker Bismarck UND SMHS Bismarck
1996-1997 Mark Christenson Grand Forks UND SMHS Grand Forks
1995-1996 Joseph Burns Fargo UND SMHS Fargo
1994-1995 Ben Muscha Bismarck UND SMHS Bismarck
1993-1994 Heidi Bittner Minot UND SMHS Devils Lake
1992-1993 Chuck Breen Bismarck UND SMHS Hillsboro
1991-1992 Patrick Mitchel Minot Sanford School of Medicine Hot Springs, SD
1990-1991 Eric Bakke Grand Forks UND SMHS Grand Forks

An annual award will be given to the selected third year family medicine resident - $500.00 plus a plaque - at the NDAFP Annual Meeting.


  1. Encourage family medicine residents in the practice of family medicine and in the activities of the North Dakota Academy of Family Physicians.
  2. Encourage role modeling among family medicine residents.
  3. To recognize positive attributes in future practicing family physicians.


We will look to reward a mature third year family medicine resident who demonstrates an exceptional interest in and commitment to family medicine. The following qualities and activities will be evaluated in selecting the awardee:

  1. Commitment to patient-centered practice
  2. Involvement in scholarly inquiry
  3. Community involvement
  4. Service to family medicine, either through Academy involvement and/or service to the residency or other family medicine organizations
  5. Commitment to excellence
  6. Passion for Family Medicine
  7. Professionalism


A selection committee from the NDAFP Foundation Board of Directors will make the selection.

Selection Process:

Each of the Family Medicine Residency programs in North Dakota may nominate a third year resident by each year’s deadline, as determined by the Executive Director. The nominee from each residency should be selected by the local faculty. The nomination should be accompanied by a letter of support from the program director and a member of the local clinical faculty. The nominee from each residency should provide the selection committee with a three hundred word or less autobiographical sketch.

The Residency Directors will be notified of the recipient as soon as possible.